Affordable, Easy to Use Takeoff Software for Construction Estimating

eTakeoff Dimension, an electronic quantity takeoff product distributed by Sage, significantly increases accuracy, productivity, and speed over traditional paper or manual takeoff methods.

This powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use tool provides estimators sophisticated assembly capabilities, extensive Microsoft®Excel integration, and time-saving features like Pattern Search to greatly improve the takeoff process.

When integrating with Sage Estimating, eTakeff Bridge helps you improve your estimating productivity even more as you seamlessly move from takeoff to building your estimate.

Improve takeoff speed, productivity, and accuracy:

• Become up to 15 times more productive than when using paper or manual takeoff methods.

• Have more time to analyze estimates and take on additional bids without increasing staffing.

• Measure to within thousandths of an inch to take any guesstimates out of your bids.

• Easily highlight what you’ve already taken off to avoid potential mistakes and unforeseen project costs due to omissions.


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